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Produced using Real Sardine and Real sardine 

· Improves felines vision 

· Boosts felines invulnerable framework 

· Strengthens teeth and bones 

· Prevents danger of bladder stone 

· Nourishes felines skin and hair 

· Decreases danger of hypertension, kidney and coronary illness in felines 

The sum nourished can be balanced by felines weight breed, weight and action level. 

It is prescribed to serve me-o felines sustenance sardine with unique me-o dry felines nourishment to meet your cat's sustenance needs 

For the felines that routinely appreciate me-o dry felines nourishment we suggest finishing up those healthful kibbles with our super most extreme delight 

Clean drinking water ought to be accessible for your little cats at all circumstances for all breeds 

Store left over nourishment in re-sealable or tight shutting holder . left over sustenance can be kept in fridge for 3 day most extreme

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